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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
Central Florida Fishing

Lakes in Central Florida
Central Florida is a rich fishing area with a wide variety of lakes and rivers. Each area provides good fishing, but at different times of the year, some spots are better than others. When calling to make reservations for your fishing trip, ask about the best place to visit for that specific time.

We loved the Kissimmee chain of lakes, but there are several other bodies of water in Central Florida which come highly recommended for fishing. These include the Butler chain of lakes, Harris chain of lakes, St. John's River, and the Grove Lakes. Certain lake guides may charge extra to take you to a specific lake, due to distance and driving time. In our places, the most fishy places, check out. We are ready to show them to you ourselves.

Fishing Guides
We had a fishing guide on our Central Florida trip, and we would highly recommend a guide to anyone else. Though we are experienced at fishing, our kids are not, so having a guide was wonderful for them. Yet even for us, it was a tremendous help to go out on the lake with someone who knew it well, and could make sure we got the most out of our fishing trip.

When seeking a fishing guide, make sure you get the right one for you. Guides are available for freshwater, saltwater, and fly fishing. Talk to your guide on the phone before you secure your reservation, so you know he or she is knowledgeable, and you're compatible. Check what amenities are offered. Some Central Florida fishing guides offer water, soft drinks, and ice only, while others provide snacks as well.

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