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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
Florida Fishing Guides

Central Florida's fishing guides are far more than just tourist attractions. Most take their committment to the sport very seriously. Because of this, a community of fishing guides has sprouted up, and they have organized to become the Florida Guides Association.

According to their website, the Florida Guides Association seeks to be a check and balance system between exploitation of Central Florida's lakes, and overzealous conservationists. They have established a voice at state levels regarding fisheries management and conservation. They also promote sport fishing to the general public by contributing information and teaching symposiums to advance fishing skills and techniques, and to promote conservation issues. Florida is a wonderful region for fishing, take a look. Cool catch every day.

Most fishing guides in Central Florida are rather knowledgeable, and may even be able to help you catch the prize-winning fish of your dreams. Most likely, this prize-winner will be a bass. The Central Florida lakes are best known for their bass, and many people have won their trophy fish while on these lakes.

Fishing License
If you don't already have one, you'll need a Florida fishing license before you to saltwater, freshwater, or fly fishing in Central Florida. A 7-day non-resident Florida fishing license is $17.00 per person for ages 16 and above. These licenses are very easy to get, and can even be conveniently applied for online.

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