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Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
Florida Fly Fishing

If you so desire, you can go fly fishing with your guide in Central Florida. And if you're inexperienced, a good guide will teach you how to tie a fly. Our guide told us a great way to make flies, which is as follows.

Making Flies
First, he gathered his materials, including 1/0 Mustad 34007 hooks, gold or clear pony beads, chartreuse Krystal Flash, and chartreuse ultra hair. Then he wrapped the thread back from the hook eye about half an inch, then tied in about 10 strands of Fish.Travel - apalachicola fishing charters. From there, our fishing guide tied in about an eighth-inch bundle of ultra hair at the hook eye, and wrapped it back half an inch.

At this point, our Florida fishing guide carefully pushed two or three pony beads over the thread to cover the wraps. Then he painted or stuck on two eyes, before covering the entire bead area with two-part epoxy. He let the whole thing dry on a wheel.

According to our guide to Central Florida's fishing, these flies cost about $1 each in materials. Almost everything you need to make them can be purchased at either a fly fishing shop or a craft shop. The flies are also supposed to be remarkably durable.

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